What is green logistics, and the significance of developing green logistics?

 With the continuous development of society, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. As an emerging industry, logistics industry is also facing the problem of environmental pollution. The concept of “green” logistics complies with the background of The Times, only the development of green logistics can better promote economic development. So what is green logistics? And what is the significance of developing green logistics?

What is green logistics?

Green logistics is a kind of logistics activities that can restrain the pollution of logistics activities to the environment, reduce the consumption of resources, and use advanced logistics technology to plan and implement transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, circulation processing, packaging, distribution and other operations.

The significance of developing green logistics  

  1. Green logistics ADAPTS to the trend of world social development and meets the needs of global economic integration

With the development of global economic integration, some traditional tariff and non-tariff barriers gradually fade away, environmental barriers gradually rise, while foreign logistics enterprises started early, logistics management level is quite perfect, is bound to bring a huge impact on domestic logistics enterprises.  After entering WTO, China’s logistics enterprises want to occupy a place in the international market, the development of green logistics will be its rational choice.

  1. Green logistics is an important link of sustainable development

Green logistics, green manufacturing and green consumption together constitute a green economic circulation system that saves resources and protects the environment.

  1. Green logistics is the only way to reduce operating costs to the greatest extent

Logistics specialization undoubtedly laid the foundation for reducing costs.  What green logistics emphasizes is: the way of low input → big logistics. Green logistics is not only the reduction of general logistics costs, but also pays more attention to the greening and the resulting energy saving, high efficiency and less pollution.

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