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MOOV’s 4PL program offers comprehensive logistics management by consolidating all operations under one umbrella, ensuring unparalleled control and transparency throughout the supply chain. MOOV’s 4PL program centralizes data submission and communication, providing transparency across the supply chain. With streamlined processes and SOPs, majority of shipments flow smoothly, while exceptions are swiftly identified and managed. Backed by our in-house digital control tower solution, we offer enhanced visibility, reactivity, and data-driven decision-making capabilities.


  • Wide network in China
  • Bonded, non-boned and highly secured warehouses
  • One stop service from inbound to outbound.

Control Tower

  • In-house system
  • Wide network around the world
  • Supply chain is fully transparency
  • Central coordination in Shanghal
  • Highest level of customization

Value Added Services

  • Quality inspection centers at all warehouses
  • Professional and international team
  • 100+years supply chain solution experience


With an expansive network spanning China, Europe, South East Asia, and the Indian subcontinent, our central hub in Shanghai coordinates a dynamic international team. At the core is the Control Tower—an online hub for seamless shipment execution and tracking. MOOV’s 4PL Control Tower support elevates this tool for holistic supply chain enhancement.

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