The largest Digital Marketplace in the world

As digitization starts to play an ever more important role in the world, so does China pioneer the online digital marketplace. In recent years, the online platforms such as Tmall, JD and Taobao have changed the face of Chinese purchasing as online has exceeded offline. Digital Marketplace - MOOV LogisticsWith both bonded and local online channels, countless commodities can be sold to the Chinese consumer. However, make no mistake. Treading these difficult waters is no easy feat for those unknown in Chinese business. therefore, MOOV has been providing e-commerce services for various European businesses in China. With our unique blend of Western and Chinese expertise, we assist you in bridging the gap between East and West.

Dutch water in China

The Dutch company Vrumona is the manufacturer of a various water and soda brands, such as Sourcy and Royal Club. Unsurprisingly, the many opportunities in the Chinese market have not gone unnoticed and they strive to introduce their products in China,via online and offline channels. Navigating and managing these channels is however challenging, as it requires local knowledge and expertise. Vrumona approached MOOV to arranged the entire supply chain process, from trademarking and certification to importing, warehousing, and domestic distribution. As Vrumona’s Chinese entity, MOOV handles all the e-commerce channels.

The process of E-commerce

Opening the E-commerce channels in China can be quite the ordeal, as many requirements need to be fulfilled, some less obvious than others. Through the power of cooperation, no ordeal is too big. To start, MOOV arranged Vrumona’s Chinese entity. Following, the logistic supply chain was developed, including import, custom checks, quality control, website service, Chinese labeling, packaging, distribution and marketing. Finally, E-commerce channels were negotiated and opened, including the Tmall store, JD direct page as well as various other distributors channels. With full overview of our process, MOOV expertise ensured the entrance of the Vrumona products in the Chinese online market.

China has fully embraced the development towards the online marketplace. This trend cannot be ignored as the facilitation of e-commerce increasingly becomes a crucial part of the regular logistic services. MOOV is constantly developing and extending its expertise. Our cooperation with Vrumona is just one example of our ability to provide e-commerce services in China. Contrary to other logistic service providers, MOOV expertise extends to all parts of European-Chinese logistics. If you want to sell it in China, don’t underestimate the need for a reliable partner like MOOV for your journey.