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In a globalized world, reliable inter- and intra-continental Freight Forwarding is crucial. We have delivered products to every corner of the planet since 1918. MOOV has deep experience in multi-modal freight forwarding between Europe and China in particular. Whether it is a complete container, or only a few pallets, MOOV assures your shipment arrives safe and on time.



We have 16 offices in 4 countries around the world, especially in China and the EU. We provide you with a full range of ocean freight services, including FCL and LCL solutions, and reliable partners in major international ports around the world. We can take you wherever you need to go.



A flexible and reliable transportation mode, road freight plays a pivotal role in our operations, particularly for pickup and home delivery services. MOOV’s truck freight services wield substantial influence across Europe and China, and to mitigate carbon emissions, we have seamlessly integrated new energy vehicles into our fleet.



Safe, reliable and cost-effective transport connecting Europe and Asia. We leverage and collaborate with the Trans-Eurasian Railway Initiative, which connects Europe with China through an extensive rail network. This makes us the faster and more extensive rail logistics service provider in China.

Control Tower


We relentlessly innovate and cultivate intelligent IT solutions to enhance the efficiency of both processes and information flow. Across all our supply chain services, our control tower serves as a beacon of insight, organization, and transparency for our clients and their stakeholders.



We are the leader in the airfreight industry. When speed is of the essence, moving your cargo by air is the best solution. MOOV has proven experience with reliable WCA partners, guaranteeing high-quality fast delivery service. Let’s MOOV together.

Value-added Logistics Services


Addressing your import and export requirements comprehensively, we guide you through every essential phase, from HS code validation to seamless customs procedures. Our strategically located bonded and non-bonded warehouses in China cater to your specific needs, enriching the synergy of our interactive supply chain solutions.

Why you need MOOV as your freight partner

Factors such as lower labor costs, lower exchange rates, and lower fees make the price of Chinese freight forwarders more advantageous. Chinese freight forwarders can formulate the best pricing according to local actual conditions and specific logistics needs, which enables buyers to Gain higher profit margins while saving costs.

China freight forwarders need to continuously update and adjust their operational services to better meet your needs, provide higher flexibility in handling your goods, and will not be restricted by rules and regulations, that is, to meet all your needs Shipping needs, but small enough to care about your individual needs.

In China, MOOV knows best. This biggest market is our specialty; it’s where we have our home-ground advantage. We are a family-owned Dutch logistics

company which has offered logistics services and supply chain management into, out of, and within China since 2013. We provide more targeted and personalized freight services to meet all your needs and help you solve related problems.

Local freight forwarders in China can make choices based on the actual freight situation (the best route, carrier, and price factors), which makes them more efficient. Because of the impact of logistics, time difference, currency, language barriers, etc., as well as the import, export and customs procedures of each country, international logistics supply chain service providers must fully understand and comply with these regulations in order to deliver goods safely and quickly.

Guarantee from China Freight Forwarder:

A seamless global supply chain for peace of mind

Stay flexible and innovative to grow with customers

Pursue professionalism and quality in everything

Tailored service to solve every problem your business may have.

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