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MOOV has a close-knit network of reliable partners close to major ports such as, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Constanta in Romania, major ports on the Indian sub-continent and the central ports of China, such as Qingdao, Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen just to name a few. We cooperate with reliable partners around the world to facilitate comprehensive ocean freight services, including FCL, LCL, and consolidation programs to wherever you need us to go.

  • Our door-to-door ocean freight service, as well as our consolidation and deconsolidation methods, are all conducted with high service levels without a contractual obligation.

  • MOOV can manage all of your documentation with competitive rates for your shipment whether it’s FCL or LCL.

  • MOOV is NVOCC-licensed and arranges shipment bookings, container trucking, and customs brokerage.

  • Our options are fully customized and supported by the control tower which is built by MOOV, managed  by MOOV and modified by MOOV.

  • MOOV freight forwarding services include various logistic channels, and besides Ocean, we also offer seamless global logistics on Rail, Road and Air.


Ocean Freight Knowledge

  • FCL (Full Container Load)

FCL shipping involves transporting your cargo through one or more containers that you use exclusively. Only your cargo will be in the container, ensuring it will not be disturbed until you open the container yourself. This is the most economical option when you have cargo that can fill the container or nearly fill it.

MOOV offers different types of FCL equipment (GP or HC): 20/40/45/48/53GP

  • LCL(Less Than Container Load)

When you don’t have enough cargo to fill a container, we coordinate space sharing within the container. This service is available at most major ports in China towards major ports in Europe and NA (and vice versa). We offer affordable, utilised container volume-based solutions on a weekly basis.

  • Traditional ocean-freight or MOOV premium charter solutions

MOOV has the ability to provide flexibility to your logistic needs. With a rich partnership network world-wide, MOOV can offer traditional ocean-freight career based solutions. On top of that what began in 2021 as ad-hoc chartering of vessels to relieve supply chain bottlenecks of our clients has now turned into a premium solution with fixed regular and stable departures between Europe and China; fixed transit times; fixed space availability; and possibility for long-term fixed prices, with no surcharge surprises. We are looking forward to seeing how MOOV can help bring stability to your supply chain

  • Value-Added Services For Sea Freight

Whether the request is FCL or LCL based, MOOV provides a variety of value-added services, includinghome delivery, customs clearance, cargo insurance, etc., and employ the necessary tools and solutions to anticipate and meet customized shipping needs.

The Calculation Method of Ocean Freight
FCL shipping cost calculation
FCL shipping fee = basic shipping fee + shipping surcharge. Among them: “basic shipping fee” is formulated by the shipping company and will not change within a certain period of time. The “shipping surcharge” is divided into: fuel surcharge, port congestion surcharge, etc. Usually the price quoted by the freight forwarding company is the sum of the above two costs.
LCL shipping cost calculation
LCL shipping fee = whichever is greater according to volume and weight

1. Calculated by volume = basic freight per unit × total volume (unit of measure: CBM – cubic number) (The minimum charge for LCL is 1CBM, which means that if your goods are less than 1CBM and they will be charged by 1CBM)

2. Calculated by weight = basic freight per unit × total gross weight (unit of measure: TON – ton) (minimum charge for LCL is 1TON, that is, if your goods are less than 1TON, you have to charge 1TON)

Factors Affecting sea freight
Every shipping quote includes all the necessary costs to ship your products so they can reach their destination safely. . The main factors that affect the price of sea freight are as follows: container size/transit times/type of cargo/the weight of the cargo/the size of the goods/incoterms.In addition to this, there are other secondary factors that are normally not calculated in the ocean freight rate, but are closely associated to it. Some of these secondary factors include: insurance/pickup and delivery at ports and warehouses/customs clearance/handling charges at terminals

MOOV has 16 offices in 4 countries around the world, providing you with a full range of ocean-freight
services, our team will deliver your cargo to the ship that best suits your needs (including FCL and LCL; or other customized solutions). We have reliable partners in major international ports around the world. giving you access to the same network as the world’s biggest brands at no extra cost, covering multiple countries and MOOVing your cargo to wherever it needs to go.

After receiving the confirmation of booking from the carrier, MOOV will issue the bill of lading and the waybill as the carrier; organize the entire transportation of the goods, formulate the transportation plan and organize the implementation; accept the goods according to the shipper’s instructions, and act as an agent for booking, customs declaration, inspection, tally, Warehousing and outbound services; after the goods arrive at the port of destination We will deliver the goods to the consignee according to the instructions of the consignor, and act as an agent for customs clearance, sorting and distribution at the port of destination.

MOOV most advantageous shipping routes are: Europe/Australia/United States.

MOOV integrates a global network with 16 offices in 4 countries. Weekly departures from major ports in China to regions such as Europe, the US and Australia. Our weekly departures provide you with a stable supply of space and help you plan your shipments in a timely manner, thereby optimizing your inventory management and supply chain. Whether you have a full cntainer or just a few pallets, MOOV ensures your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Sea and air transport services

Temperature controlled shipping service

Dangerous goods transportation services

Supply chain/supplier management services

Home delivery service

Customs brokerage service

Cargo Insurance Services

Located in The Largest Economic Market

MOOV Logistics conducts activities in China, a region with huge economic vitality and shipping volume. Carrying out activities here can better understand the market, better meet customer needs, and provide customers with better international freight services.

Reliable Team and Service

The history of MOOV can be traced back to KLG Europe, a European holding company, which has more than 100 years history. In the following time, KLG Europe was acquired by a third party. MOOV was born as an innovative start-up company to continue her legacy work. During these 100 years, we have accumulated rich experience and established a complete logistics service library. Whether you need supply chain management, from 4PL planning, warehousing, value-added services, domestic transportation, freight forwarding (sea, air, train), customs clearance (import and export) or project cargo handling, we have you covered.

Provide Customized Transportation Solutions

MOOV can provide you with tailor-made shipping solutions, and provide users with targeted shipping solutions based on their requirements for freight, delivery time, and cargo types, etc. Try to solve every problem that may be encountered in the business process for the customer.

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