A logistics Company with a Unique Quality Control System

Product is the most important factor for customer satisfaction, in order for you to have no worries, MOOV has developed a unique quality control system to thoroughly inspect your products, exceeding the strictest quality standards in the industry, to provide you with satisfactory service.

Quality control on demand

For various reasons, customers just go to the factory to inspect the goods, hoping to ensure the quality of the products when they arrive. However, if a product is delivered to its destination without a valid inspection, there can be serious consequences such as damage to the goods, exchange of goods and delays in shipping. Therefore, the necessary procedures must be used to verify whether the product quality meets the requirements.

In this case, MOOV has implemented a quality control system with the aim of detecting and identifying non-conforming products through inspection and testing mechanisms. Through the MOOV warehouse, our inspectors will inspect the product packaging and appearance, and then conduct random sampling. If the test results are not satisfactory, MOOV will notify us to re-test the product and replace with new materials, and deliver the goods to the customer’s satisfaction.

Digital assistance

MOOV uses a unique control tower system. The control tower system simplifies and normalizes messy business information and solves the difficulty of tracking multiple purchase orders. At the same time, customers can track orders in an all-round way through login, approval and other operations, and can check the arrival time of the goods in a timely and effective manner, reducing a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Guarantee Chinas best

Quality inspection is an indispensable link in the delivery of goods. MOOV regulates the inspection and acceptance behavior of each link, and can provide you with a complete product quality inspection and quality inspection certificate to ensure that the product quality of the goods you receive is the best.

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