Rail logistics, the future ‘green’ channel

In July 2019, the Russian minister of transport announced that the ban on certain goods passing through Russia was being lifted. For years, these sanctions deeply affected the rail freight traffic between Europe and Asia as commodities such as raw materials and foodstuffs were not allowed to pass through Russia. With the ban lifted, great new opportunities presented themselves. MOOV actively pursues the intercontinental rail initiative as a third logistics modality. In cooperation with our rail partner, New Silk Way logistics(The Green Choice), we take a pioneering position in the exploration of this new endeavor.

NSWL was created as a joint venture between two large European logistic companies and has been our rail partner for the past decade. Whatever the cargo, our MOOV-NSWL partnership ensures high-quality and reliable logistics via the rail option.

The Green Choice - Rail Logistics

Project Rail – The Green Choice

Without the Russian embargo, our rail project is developing rapidly. With a transit time of 20 days and the ability to transport a wide array of cargo, it has become a lucrative transport modality for many different kinds of business. Using our extensive MOOV network, we can provide door-to-door delivery via rail from anywhere in China to Europe and vice versa. Managed and arranged from the MOOV office in China, the rail option has exceeded our every expectation as Chinese and European cities become ever more connected.

Going Green

Ordinary logistics channels have an overall heavy burden on the environment as the ocean modality contributes to the pollution of the seas while the air channel emits large quantities of CO2 emissions. The rail option reduces both the carbon footprint and prevents environmental pollution. MOOV joins the green movement within the logistics sector and strives for Green modes of transportation. The intercontinental rail option is a crucial part of the MOOV arsenal in the green transition.

Rail in action

Emboldened by the partnership, the rail option has facilitated a wide variety of products, both East-bound and West-bound. One of our projects concerns the transportation of electronic audio appliances from China to Europe. Being sensitive in nature, our supply chain solution ensured temperature-controlled containers to prevent damage. Another project ensure the transport of cars from central China to Sweden.

With a continuously extending product list, the rail option already includes several commodities, such as:

  • Non-dangerous Chemical products
  • Electronic appliances
  • Machines
  • Textiles
  • Automotive parts
  • Foodstuffs

As front-line pioneers of the new Rail option, MOOV is the logistic partner for you. Through our passionate, transparent, and reliable processes, we aim to cultivate long-term partnerships and cater to and solve your problems. Let’s see how we can be of service to your business!