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MOOV facilitates smooth and frictionless import and export in all our services, helping you understand the process and complete your next international shipment within the time frame and your budget.

In doing business in or with China, a great challenge if often the Chinese customs agencies. Their activities can result in unexpected cost or delays and finding a company that can navigate the complicated paperwork of the Chinese customs is therefore essential.

Due to our combined Dutch-Chinese knowledge, we are experts at navigating the Chinese and European numerous rules and regulations. Whether it is import or export, MOOV has the solution.

For your import/export needs, we assist in all necessary steps, from HS code verification to successful passing customs procedures. For every problem, we have the solution.

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MOOV Custom Clearance Knowledge

Customs clearance is an important link in international trade. Through customs clearance, the safety and legality of goods can be guaranteed. Customs clearance is a necessary procedure to allow goods to be shipped out (exported) or brought into (imported) a country through an authorized customs broker, in this process, there is also import and export shipment information pertaining to the parties involved in the process.

We can also define customs clearance as the document issued by the customs authorities to the shipper. This document usually indicates that the shipper has paid all duties and their cargo is cleared for export.

Customs clearance information

: The documents and related information of the goods submitted to the customs when the goods depart or arrive. Documents generally include bills of lading, commercial invoices, bills, packing lists, etc.

Customs inspection

: The customs inspects the goods to ensure that the information on the goods is true and accurate, the quantity, status, and packaging of the goods meet the requirements, and that the goods do not violate customs regulations.

Duty Calculation

: It is best to have the help of a customs broker in this process as they are responsible for paying taxes and import duties. These taxes are calculated based on the type of goods you ship, the declared value, the customs laws of the country you are shipping to, and the shipping method and Incoterms you choose.


: If there are unpaid taxes and duties, customs will demand payment. There are two options for payment, one is DDP (Delivered Duty Paid), which means all taxes and import duties have been paid in advance by your customs broker. The other is DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), if this is the case, customs officers will transfer the goods to an independent customs broker for processing and collection of payment. In this case, an additional fee will be charged. Therefore, if the goods are marked as DDP, taxes and duties need to be paid.


: After customs verification, the goods are allowed to pass through the customs and a release form is issued. From this point of view, if the customs declaration materials, duties and taxes are handled properly, the goods will be shipped smoothly to the destination.

Note: The customs clearance process may vary slightly depending on the country or region, please refer to the actual situation.

Any incomplete or wrong customs clearance information and other factors will cause your goods to fail to pass the customs clearance of the customs department. Failure to clear customs in time will affect the release of your goods and cause delays in the release of your goods, resulting in missed delivery dates and more troubles for your business, which will be a huge loss for you. Freight forwarding companies have network resources in customs, docks, inspection sites, and container yards and are also familiar with the handling process. If they go through customs clearance procedures, the speed and the cost are less. In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of your goods, it is best to entrust a reliable freight forwarder or carrier.

Professional: We have professional customs clearance personnel who can provide you with professional customs clearance services.

Fast: Quickly help you handle customs clearance procedures, so that you don’t have to go through customs clearance procedures in person, saving your time.

Save money: We have rich network resources in customs, docks, etc., and can provide you with preferential customs clearance fees.

Worry-free: We can help you solve various problems in the customs clearance process, so that you can worry-free.


MOOV is an experienced freight forwarder and carrier company. For companies just starting in the import and export business, the convenience of choosing an experienced and reliable freight forwarder to handle your import or export shipments is invaluable. As a professional freight forwarder, MOOV knows the transportation and customs clearance procedures well. With our experience, it can save you a lot of trouble.

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