Meet the people behind MOOV

Our people are our greatest assets. Many of our employees are working behind the scenes, to provide the excellent service on which our customers and partners can rely day after day. The people below guide and direct the people of our organization on a daily basis, with the aim of the welfare of our partners and our team.

Tom Hoorn

General Manager

As the captain of our ship, the general manager Tom Hoorn is always on the move. With an active and enduring management style, he guides MOOV towards new shores. With a MA degree from Leiden University, he started his career at the Bank of China,actively engaged with China. In 2013, he moved forward to start the MOOV joint-venture.

As the central figure behind MOOV, Tom has extensive experience in the field of business administration, leadership, business development and sales. With his cross-cultural experience in the field of Sino-Dutch business, he continues to build MOOV into the expert logistics provider for the China-EU sector.

Mark Frans

Deputy Manager

As the second in command, our deputy manager Mark Frans, guides the internal operation of MOOV. Mark studies at the Rotterdam Erasmus University, which included a year abroad at the University of Hainan. In 2014, Mark joined MOOV, where he quickly assumed the post of Deputy General manager and utilized his skills to improve and build the company.

As the second important figure behind MOOV, Mark has extensive experience in both operational and legal perspective. With extensive cross-cultural business experience, Mark works in concert with our general manager to steadily develop and grow our company.


Benny Zhang

Head of Innovation & IT

No company can develop without going along with its time. Benny has over 17 years of experience in Enterprise Information System Solutions, covering the full cycle of IT service from solution and architecture to implementation and post support with taking a leadership/management role as well as a good technical adviser. Benny is also experienced in proactively managing stakeholder relationships and expectations to assist businesses in strategic planning and innovation through various modern solutions and project methodologies.

At MOOV, Benny Zhang manages the IT&BA team, who can support core business systems and implement new features and customers, building a team that can support each other and handles any challenge together.

Cicy Lian

Head of General Affairs

Cicy Lian, oversees the quality and our day-to-day running. Graduated from Shanghai Tongji University with a bachelor in economics, she worked as a consultant of foreign investment from 2001 until 2007. Afterwards, she joined Overhead Door corporation under which she gained experience as head of HR & admin. In January 2018, she joined the MOOV family, and used her rich experiecne to direct and manage the growing amount of MOOV employees and daily operation.

As part of our management team, Cicy ensures the hiring- and maintaining of high-quality personnel in accordance with our growth of our company.


Jon Yang

Head of Tailwind Partnership

Jon has been in the industry for more than 15 years. He has worked for not only the world’s leading container shipping lines but also general cargo/bulk operators, focusing on regional business developments and management.

At MOOV, Jon oversees the entire liner operation across Asia, ensuring seamless operations and driving the expansion of our business territories. Leveraging his extensive experience, he continuously pursues enhancements in cost-effectiveness, quality, and service delivery. His team forms the core of our company, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Chester Cai

Head of Human Resources

As the head of Human Resources at MOOV Logistics, Chester’s role is to develop and execute the Human Resources strategies and plans to address our overall business growth needs by leading daily HR operation through talent acquisition, learning and development, employee engagement, compensation and benefits, talent management, HR information systems and financial planning of the department, aiming to shape a people centered positive culture.

Before joining MOOV, Chester worked for a worldwide leading logistics company. He brings 20 years of extensive experience in HR to his current position.

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Quentin De Roo

Head of Sales

Quentin is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in B2B sales, sourcing, and a strong background in international trade, supply chain, and logistics. His career is distinguished by roles managing sales operations in both China and The Netherlands, where he led global sales initiatives and directed a diverse team.

As the Head of Sales at Moov, Quentin is responsible for overseeing the sales cycle, refining sales frameworks, and executing the company’s sales strategy.

Kva Zhou

Head of Finance

For the health of every business, finances are key. The task of overseeing, managing, and safeguarding the financial aspect of our MOOV falls on our head of finance, Kva Zhou. She has a rich experience of business finance from her position in previous companies. Kva joined MOOV in 2013 and has been skillfully guiding our finances ever since. With years of experience, she guides the team responsible for keeping MOOV financially safe and sound.

Next to managing the company, its people and its operations, finances are the key to make everything possible. Through cooperation, Kva works with the MOOV members to ensure not only that our business is safeguarded, but also the MOOV reliability towards our clients.

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Ivan Todorov

Head of Business Development

Ivan has lived for almost 6 years in Netherlands and graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam, as well as over 2 years in China. He has accumulated over 5 years of experience in China-Europe logistics.

Throughout his career, at MOOV, he has been dedicated to developing innovative solutions tailored to customers’ needs, particularly in rail and ocean freight, as well as contract logistics. As Head of Business Development, his primary responsibility is to drive the creation of new ideas and products. His goal is to contribute towards establishing robust and efficient supply chains that enhance our clients’ operational effectiveness.

Dancy Jin

Head of Operation

With over 20 years of experience in freight forwarding, Dancy has extensive expertise in integrating traditional operational processes and PO management with advanced, digitized automation solutions, delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

As the Head of Operations at MOOV, she leads a skilled team that specializes in VMT operations, freight forwarding, IC, and warehouse functions. She is confident that our entire operations team will work efficiently and collaboratively, moving together with the company towards legendary achievements.

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