Meet the people behind MOOV

Our people are our greatest assets. Many of our employees are working behind the scenes, to provide the excellent service on which our customers and partners can rely day after day. The people below guide and direct the people of our organization on a daily basis, with the aim of the welfare of our partners and our team.


Tom Hoorn

General Manager

As the captain of our ship, the general manager Tom Hoorn is always on the move. With an active and enduring management style, he guides MOOV towards new shores. Born in 1988, Tom actively engaged with China. With a MA degree from Leiden University, he started his career at the Bank of China. In 2013, he moved forward to start the MOOV joint-venture.

As the central figure behind MOOV, Tom has extensive experience in the field of business administration, leadership, business development and sales. With his cross-cultural experience in the field of Sino-Dutch business, he continues to build MOOV into the expert logistics provider for the China-EU sector.

Mark Frans

Deputy manager

As the second in command, our deputy manager Mark Frans, guides the internal operation of MOOV. Born in 1987, Mark studies at the Rotterdam Erasmus University, which included a year abroad at the University of Hainan. In 2014, Mark joined MOOV, where he quickly assumed the post of Deputy General manager and utilized his skills to improve and build the company.

As the second important figure behind MOOV, Mark has extensive experience in both operational and legal perspective. With extensive cross-cultural business experience, Mark works in concert with our general manager to steadily develop and grow our company.


Hubert W. de Nie

Head of innovation & IT

No company can develop without going along with its time. Our head of innovation & IT, Hubert W. de Nie, therefore operates diligently to improve all features of our company. Hubert graduated from the Rotterdam Erasmus University in economic & business. Afterwards, he explored business innovation and IT opportunities at the consultancy firm Accenture, before joining the MOOV family in 2017, where he is responsible for all aspects of our IT operations.

As part of the management team, Hubert ensures that every issue is resolved effectively and timeline, and works to identify innovative services to bring to market.

Cicy Lian

Head of Human Resources

At MOOV, our employees are considered as our most valuable resource. Our Head of HR, Cicy Lian, oversees the quality and overall well-being of our staff. Graduated from Shanghai Tongji University with a bachelor in economics, she worked as a consultant of foreign investment from 2001 until 2007. Afterwards, she joined Overhead Door corporation under which she gained experience as head of HR & admin. In January 2018, she joined the MOOV family, and used her HR talents to direct and manage the growing amount of MOOV employees.

As part of our management team, Cicy ensures the hiring- and maintaining of high-quality personnel in accordance with our growth of our company.

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Jack Zhou

Head of operations

Jack Zhou has a rich background in the logistic industry. Having joined our team from a leading logistics service provider in Shanghai, Jack has everything in store to manage and lead our daily operations. Whether it is a complicated warehousing issue or the realization of our supply chain solution, Jack gets it done swiftly and properly.

With his wealth of experience, Jack is constantly looking out for improvements in cost effectiveness, quality, and service delivery. His team provides the backbone of our company.

Kva Zhou

Head of Finance

For the health of every business, finances are key. The task of overseeing, managing, and safeguarding the financial aspect of our MOOV falls on our head of finance, Kva Zhou. She has a rich experience of business finance from her position in previous companies. Kva joined MOOV in 2013 and has been skillfully guiding our finances ever since. With years of experience, she guides the team responsible for keeping MOOV financially safe and sound.

Next to managing the company, its people and its operations, finances are the key to make everything possible. Through cooperation, Kva works with the MOOV members to ensure not only that our business is safeguarded, but also the MOOV reliability towards our clients.

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