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Contrary to air and ocean freight, the rail option offers a unique middle ground which is both fast and affordable. The transit time is about 15 days and caters the option of transporting a wide variety of goods. From flowers to high-tech electrical components. It’s the greenest option too, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Existing Specialist Setup

  • Network visibility, from origin door

  • Loading / protection knowledge

Tracking & Tracing

  • Dedicated GPS tracking and tracing

  • Daily Connection with Train Operator

Multimodal Operations between Europe and China

  • Daily rail connections all over Europe and China with own network & 3rd party solutions

  • Green logistics

CFS Set-up
  • Existing long term cooperation with provider

  • Sophisticated operation process in consolidation


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China-Europe Freight Block Train

From camels to trains: it is the new silk road of rail network. We cooperate with local bureaus to ensure fixed volume and transit time, will maximize your efficiency.

MOOV prizes itself for being at the foreground of logistics innovation. We utilize and cooperate with the Trans-Eurasian railway initiative that combines Europe with China via an extensive railway network. This makes us faster and wider Railway Logistics service provider in China. This ‘New Silk Road’ has replaced the camels of old with modern trains, and connects Chinese cities such as Xi’an, Yiwu, Wuhan, or Chongqing with European cities such as Duisburg and Hamburg. The renewed Silk Road opens up whole new opportunities for cross-continental logistics.

Knowledge Center

MOOV Train Freight Knowledge

Rail freight is 5-10 days shorter than maritime and cheaper than air. Train freight is a good choice for commodities that do not have a high request on temperature. For instance, if you have many quantities of seasonal goods, our rail option will be your best choice. MOOV could help you reduce costs and catch your consumer on time.

The train is the middle option and is best for mid-value products (e.g., electronics, machinery, chemicals, etc.) and large amounts of seasonal items that need to catch the season and trend (e.g., Christmas items). Low-value goods will prefer the ocean (e.g., plastic products) or commodities that are sensitive to temperature change. Those that are very expensive (e.g., smartphones) will choose air.

Yes, MOOV approves all cargo before accepting orders. All categories of dangerous goods are forbidden; for others, the Chinese commodity name and the 8-digit HS code are required. Furthermore, for non-hazardous chemicals, a special rail-appraisal report must be made for the goods from the side of the consigner. Non-hazardous chemical products have to submit all documents for transportation. In this case, MOOV provides full support to our clients.
For all goods after the Chinese commodity and 8-digit HS code are provided, the rail platform will accept the goods or request further documents that will be needed for the transport (e.g., veterinary certificate/ health certificate/ etc.)

The transit time on rail is standardly around 20 days from the origin terminal to the destination terminal for eastbound (EU-CN) and vice versa.MOOV considers your transit time also your rail freight charge, which will balance to suggest the most suitable route.

Congestion at the border crossing– During peak seasons, the capacity of trains is fully reached as companies want to send enough cargo to satisfy demand. The capacity for departing trains from China is unlimited due to the many terminals. However, there are a limited number of border points to process these trains during the journey. These border points can only handle a fixed number of trains per day. More trains per day arrive at the border points in peak seasons compared to how many can be processed, leading to a bottleneck and congestion.

Congestion at the rail origin terminals – When the border points become too heavily congested, which leads to slower and more difficult terminal operations, the origin terminals sometimes have to delay departures or even cancel them for a certain period.

Congestion at the rail destination terminal – When there is significant traffic of trains, leading to the congested origin and border point terminals, the arrival terminals also experience difficulties. Arriving containers that should generally be available for pickup within 1-2 days can take 3-4 days to be released.

Significant other events – Sometimes congestion can form due to significant external events, besides regular peak seasons (April – June, half-year, October, Christmas, and the end of the year). They can create congestion when there isn’t one or significantly worsen existing congestion. Some examples of such events are the ever-given Suez Canal incident, Malaszewice (border point) container accident; Benelux and west Germany floods; etc.

The most popular and long-standing terminals for the China-Europe block trains are: Chongqing, Xian, Wuhan, and Yiwu..MOOV Logistics has the best relations with Yiwu and Xian rail terminals,and also has good contacts with Chongqing, Hefei, and Wuhan.

Normally, the CN-EU block trains stop one time during the journey. But the destination in EU can be negotiated case by case with MOOV if there is a larger amount of containers. MOOV has formed in Poland and Germany as the center of the CN-EU block trains, radiating the whole EU.

Container loading
MOOV has decades of experience working on rail freights and has a long tradition of cooperating with our clients from different industries. Rail freight has high requests for packing and loading of cargo due to the changeable environment and reloading. MOOV’s entire tailor-made loading plan is based on your goods and needs. Also, a great loading plan partner could reduce your costs.

Cold chain
MOOV could cooperate with you for cold chain containers even in peak seasons. We provide full service based on the product features and the temperatures along the route and safely transit your goods from door to door.

Door-to-door service
MOOV has many different rail terminals for you to choose from. Meanwhile, we have a mature domestic trucking service to reduce your entire route expenses. We could provide you with a reliable door-to-door solution and select a cost-effective rail terminal.

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