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We tirelessly innovate and develop smart IT solutions that is called control tower to streamlining both the process and information flow. In all of our supply chain services, our control tower  provides insight, structure and transparency for both our client and their stakeholders. Whatever your supply chain concerns may be, let us resolve them for you.


What is the MOOV Control Tower?

Manage your supply chain with unparalleled efficiency and increased performance

The MOOV Control Tower is a web-based platform that all parties and roles along the supply chain can collaborate in.  Supply chain actors use MOOV Control Tower to interact, communicate and collaborate. This information is then displayed in a standardized interface, creating a single source of organized truth, transparency and reduced transaction costs. This allows the user to see an overview of all shipments, giving them the opportunity to escalate risks or opportunities early.

The MOOV Control Tower is built on a system of highly configurable milestones that cover the logistics processes. These milestones can cover from source to destination, or focus on a specific part thereof. When users submit the necessary information and documentation the shipment progresses through the milestones and the information and further shipment updates will then be visible to others.

The MOOV Control Tower is built, managed and upgraded by MOOV – allowing for greater control, flexibility and customization to specific business needs.

Why choose the MOOV Control Tower?


We have a professional and innovative international team in Shanghai that centrally coordinates the control tower.

MOOV Logistics has a wide network of teams and trusted agents in China, Europe, South East Asia and Indian Subcontinent.

The MOOV Control Tower is more than an IT tool. At its core the Control Tower is an end-to-end online information hub for shipment execution and tracking. On top of this, our international team adds layers of 4PL support to elevate this tool through including event escalations, management of supply chain partners and supply chain performance monitoring, resulting in continuous supply chain improvement.

 Comprehensive Processes and Data

The MOOV Control tower covers many aspects of logistics processes in your supply chain:

  • PO management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Document management
  • Cargo ready date monitoring
  • Booking management
  • Shipment status and visibility
  • Audit and escalation control
  • On demand & real-time reporting


The PO process that shipments follow on the Control Tower are completely customizable.

Milestones, process triggers and deadlines are configured for each individual customer.

Within a customer’s setup we configure role-based security settings to control who can view or edit milestones and data.


 Example of milestone

Knowledge Center

MOOV Control Tower Knowledge

Most customers prefer to add milestones starting from the production of goods at factory all the way through to delivery of the goods at the final destination. Our Control Tower covers all these milestones. The applicable milestones for your process will be selected and configured for your setup.

Yes, our dedicated Control Tower IT team will work with you to ensure data can be exchanged via API between your systems and the Control Tower.

You can choose which parties see which information. In the Control Tower we can configure several types of parties and decide which milestones they are able to view or edit, and the data they can view.

Yes. The milestones in the Control Tower are configured to match your logistics processes. Milestones can be added or changed to allow parties to submit custom information or documentation specific to your logistics processes.

Yes it can. Our digital platform is able to integrate with many systems. It is fully API compatible. We have experience with integrating with Warehouse Management Systems, Transport Management Systems and more. Such as Kingdee, TMFF, Sinotrans, data providers

The support and training start at the beginning. We take the time to first understand our client’s business before we set them up on our digital platform. We have consultants and IT business partners that help to translate a client’s needs into an IT solution.

Once everything is setup our dedicated teams responsible for IT deployment and implementations will prepare a training schedule with online and/or in person training for all parties that will be using the IT products.

Yes of course. These days if you shop online you want to know when your package will be delivered. The same transparency and visibility is now a must-have in logistics, even when transporting full containers.

Our digital platform has an integrated tracking module where you can see where your cargo is and view the latest schedule updates.

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