Our Unique Quality Control System

In the last decades, China has become the production engine of the world by producing commodities ranging from high-tech equipment to household textiles.

Unfortunately, the resulting ‘Made in China’ label is often associated with low degrees of quality and mired by cross-cultural misunderstandings. As such, many businesses have found it difficult to control their supply chains in China.

To solve this problem, MOOV has developed a unique quality control system with thorough inspection of your products, as we for instance continue to do for our client Annabel.

unique quality control system - MOOV Logistics

Quality control on demand

Some companies choose not to execute quality checks at the origin due to a myriad of different reasons. Other companies often check the quality of their product at the factory, hoping that this will ensure good quality when the goods arrive. This process is vulnerable and does not guarantee success. Stories of truck drivers switching containers on route or replacing quality-checked products with inferior versions are rife. Because of this, MOOV actively encourages most of her customers to use an intermediary like us.

In this case, we have partnered with the high-quality textile producer Annabel Textiles to implement a quality control system for Annabel’s products. It starts with the product, large rolls of woven fabric produced in China. Weaving is a complicated process and requires a detailed examination to ensure Annabel’s levels of quality, color, weight, consistency, and many other criteria.

Passing through the MOOV warehouse, the packaging and appearance of the product are checked by our on-site Dutch inspectors, followed by the extraction of randomly selected samples. These are sent to Belgium, where our customer’s experts execute an inspection based on their requirements. Following their response, MOOV will either arrange the shipment to Europe or initiate a return to the factory.

Furthermore, due to the size of the average purchase order (PO), MOOV consolidates as many as 30 purchase orders from as many as 7 producers at any given time into a single container in our warehouse.

Digital assistance

With the average POs being so small, and sometimes there being as many as 20 POs in a single container, it becomes easy to lose track of the progress of each PO. Therefore, MOOV has implemented our unique control tower system to keep track of the progress and documentation of each line of cargo in the supply chain.

The customer can log in, approve each step in the workflow and create a consolidation plan simply by selecting the desired container sizes and identifying which POs should be loaded.

The control tower concept has led to streamlining of information and communication and increasing accountability across the supply chain. The client can see how each producer is performing, and for example, reprimand those who leave their rejected cargo in the warehouse for too long thereby reducing overall storage costs.

The combination of our QC procedures and digital solutions results in a quick, reliable, and seamless process.

Guarantee China’s best

The negative ‘Made in China’ label has always been unfair to the high-quality products that China produces. To prevent redundant supply chain labor and cost, effective quality control is crucial. In cooperation with our clients, such as Annabel, MOOV can provide full service, guaranteeing that the product arriving in Europe is the best China has to offer.