The Challenges and solutions of green logistics

Green logistics adopts a series of sustainable policies and measures in the process of goods transportation, distribution and storage by making full use of logistics resources and logistics technology to reduce the negative impact of business activities on the environment. The ultimate goal is to achieve a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social goals. Nowadays, the rapid development of the logistics industry also brings environmental problems, including:

  1. High dependence on diesel/gasoline for trucking
  2. The impact of last mile delivery on urban traffic
  3. Higher cost investment is required

The following are strategies that companies may use in the process of practicing green logistics:

  1. Optimize transportation fleet management

All activities in the supply chain may have a range of carbon footprints, with transportation being a major node. In addition to replacing new energy vehicles, in order to limit emissions, it is necessary to plan transportation and distribution routes in real time.

  1. Select warehouses that meet sustainable construction and management standards

Green logistics can be embodied in warehouse design in different ways, such as using a variety of environmentally friendly materials, ensuring that the construction and practice of the warehouse can be sustainably managed, using sustainable standards to manage generated waste, establishing waste sorting processes, etc.

  1. Improve inventory management and reverse logistics processes

Achieving more efficient inventory management and logistics processes is one of the core principles of practicing green logistics, which can reduce the movement of goods and employees in the warehouse through good storage location management and optimized picking plans, strictly implement the first-in-first-out standard, and establish Standard quality control process.

As advocates of green logistics and sustainable supply chain management practice, MOOV logistics insist on implementing the green development concept, build green logistics control system, efforts to promote the wisdom of logistics and green logistics combined more closely and actively practice green packaging, green storage, green transportation, green distribution, for the new retail logistics to provide a safe, environmental protection, high efficiency and strong support.

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