Logistics and transportation management is very important, these points need attention

Logistics transportation is an important part of the supply chain. The circulation of all commodities in the supply chain can only be completed through logistics. Logistics transportation must complete the undertaking work in every link. The transportation efficiency and quality of commodities will also affect the supply chain. On the development of other links, MOOV has rich practical experience in logistics and transportation management, and would like to share with you how to do a good job in logistics and transportation management.

Personnel management

The main bearer of logistics transportation is employees, and each vehicle and each item must have a special person responsible for the follow-up implementation. In addition, large-scale logistics transportation requires more people, larger space span, and more difficult to control. For logistics and transportation management, it is necessary to provide relevant training and guidance to staff to strengthen the cultivation of relevant logistics and transportation knowledge and capabilities.

vehicle management

As a medium for carrying logistics and transportation, the significance of its management can be imagined. When vehicles are transporting, in order to ensure that the goods can run on the supply chain, they must be safe and secure. In the entire operation process, vehicles are frequently used, and at the same time, there are certain safety hazards. If there is a safety accident, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, the management of the vehicle must be done well. So how to achieve efficient and convenient management? This requires the maintenance and repair of the car to be in place to avoid accidents when the car is working. After long-distance work, the car should be checked for maintenance to ensure safety and health.

safety management

Traffic safety involves every aspect, every department, and every individual. As an enterprise, only by establishing a sound safety management system can every employee consciously abide by the system. This requires us to strengthen safety awareness, implement the safety production responsibility system, and strengthen safety education through multiple channels and forms.

MOOV has many years of industry experience in physical transportation management. Relying on supply chain experts and information technology, MOOV provides customers with innovative integrated supply chain integration services, and is committed to becoming a global supply chain integration service provider.

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