Railway logistics, the “green” channel of the future

In July 2019, the Russian Minister of Transport announced the lifting of the ban on the passage of some goods in Russia. The move is in response to threats posed by a slowing global economy and rising trade protectionism. These sanctions have had a severe impact on rail freight between Europe and Asia for years. After the ban was lifted, major new opportunities emerged. MOOV is actively implementing the Intercontinental Rail Project (ICP) as a 3rd way of logistics. Together with railway partners – New Silk Road Logistics, Green Choice, we will jointly develop this new business.

Project Rail–The Green Choice

To meet growing market demands, we have developed an advanced, flexible system to support this rapid development. Rail transportation is a lucrative mode of transportation in many different types of business, with its twenty-day transit time and ability to transport a variety of commodities. With our vast MOOV network we are able to provide door-to-door delivery by rail to Europe from anywhere in China. These services are all responsible and arranged by MOOV’s office in China. The rail options exceeded our expectations amid the growing relationship between China and European cities.

Going Green

Rail transport can reduce carbon footprint and avoid environmental pollution. MOOV railway transportation can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency, while promoting economic development and improving the quality of social life, so it has attracted widespread attention worldwide. MOOV participates in the green movement in the logistics field and is committed to the research of green transportation methods. Intercontinental rail options play a pivotal role as an arsenal for the green transition.

Rail in action

Inspired by the partnership, the rail option facilitates eastbound and westbound products of all types. One of our plans is to send electronic audio equipment from China to Europe. Being sensitive in nature, our supply chain solutions guarantee temperature-controlled containers to prevent damage. We are developing two large-scale projects: the first project to ensure the transportation of equipment on the railway network from China to Europe; the other project to ensure the transportation of automobiles from central China to Sweden.

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