MOOV Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

By digitizing end-to-end supply chain processes, MOOV Supply Chain Solutions can provide an intelligent, real-time supply chain orchestration approach, enabling businesses to gain real-time visibility into services for data-driven decision-making and on-time and optimal delivery Deliver customer support. With our efficient proprietary model, extensive experience accumulated in thousands of successful cases, and a team with expertise in developing supply chain solutions, we can guarantee your company a first-class service.

Visibility and Control

An interconnected supply chain operating under a single platform model spanning ordering, shipping, inventory and shared digital processes provides the visibility needed to increase the speed and agility to handle supply chain contingencies in a timely and efficient manner. MOOV establishes an open, flexible and scalable supply chain system by integrating information resources between different types of enterprises. MOOV continuously matches real-time supply and demand signals, provides predictive alerts for actual or possible disruptions and opportunities, and provides intelligent correlation Decision support and real-time collaboration with suppliers on capacity, forecasts, orders, and more.

Program and Requirements Management

With the help of MOOV planning and demand management solutions, supply and demand can be balanced to optimize the overall inventory, service and performance of the supply chain. It improves work efficiency and reduces operating costs by establishing a shared information system within the enterprise; by providing customers with more personalized products to meet their specific needs; and improving customer experience to win customer loyalty. Businesses can use the solution for demand planning and demand management, supply planning, production planning and scheduling, inventory optimization, and sales and operations planning.

Warehousing and Shipping

From local warehouse management to international shipping planning and execution, MOOV digital warehouse and freight management solutions help ensure the speed, accuracy and cost of supply chains to meet customer and market demands. By optimizing incoming supply, outgoing fulfillment, customer experience, inventory management, and overall supply chain performance, companies can achieve lower operating costs and increased agility.

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