The warehousing problem you worry about, MOOV can solve it

Storing goods in and out of port is very important to your supply chain. And we also know that warehousing is a very important and costly process that needs to be adjusted frequently to meet the changing needs of customers. Because of this, MOOV will continue to invest heavily in flexible and innovative warehousing and distribution solutions. Provide door-to-door logistics services through our global network of warehouse facilities, allowing you to ship items to or from any destination in the world.

Global Facility Network

MOOV’s warehousing solutions bring speed, efficiency and flexibility to your supply chain. MOOV’s global storage space reaches millions of square meters, providing a variety of services covering temperature-controlled environments for door-to-door cargo integrity. It helps you keep each shipment within a safe and controlled temperature range, while also ensuring that each shipment will not suffer any damage throughout its life cycle. This is very important for your business. Our facilities also allow our company to ensure smooth transition of your merchandise at every stage of the entire shipping cycle.

Tailored approach

Many MOOV warehouses provide integrated services such as picking/packing, unloading, labeling, palletizing, and bulk palletizing. And these services are realized through an advanced logistics information system. This system enables every customer to conveniently find the goods or products they need at any time. All our business activities will be digitized. This determines that we can not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but also play a key role in coordinating your distribution network. MOOV’s experts are particularly focused on customer service, and can tailor a complete package for you according to your time needs, delivery methods and other needs.

Efficient end-to-end solution

By combining our warehousing solutions and shipping services, you can greatly simplify your supply chain and enjoy a seamless end-to-end experience. MOOV provides a model for businesses to collaborate on a global scale. At the same time, we can also help companies achieve efficient production and the ability to respond quickly to market changes.

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