MOOV – a reliable shipping partner

Shipping goods is a challenge for both product companies and retailers. In order to solve this problem, MOOV has tailored a complete set of solutions for customers – a whole-process logistics integration solution from the beginning of procurement to delivery. MOOV has extensive practical experience and the world’s leading technology platform to support the development of omni-channel supply chain. We provide customers with comprehensive transportation services such as road transportation, truck transportation, air transportation, sea transportation, etc., and deliver the goods within the last 1 kilometer.

Transportation Service Solutions

With the help of digital and artificial intelligence and multimodal transportation solutions, MOOV strengthens the construction of end-to-end omni-channel supply chain, making it a more flexible, resilient and sustainable wealth for enterprises. We are committed to providing our customers with a better service experience, while ensuring that they can complete the delivery of goods as quickly as possible. We use advanced technologies to speed up the production process and reduce operating costs. We have a strong infrastructure network.

Provide multimodal transport

In order to better balance speed and cost, MOOV has launched multimodal transport services. In the modern world, your company’s supply chain is critical. However, with many uncertainties, supply chain management has become increasingly complex and faces enormous challenges. Over the past few years, MOOV has been committed to developing more efficient, economical and competitive solutions for its customers. MOOV provides reliable multimodal logistics by providing tailor-made solutions.

Freight Tracking Service

MOOV provides online tracking of your goods from the user’s order to the final destination delivery. The safety of the goods is guaranteed. You can check the location of your goods at any time without worrying about the loss of the goods.

In today’s globalized world, reliable transportation of goods is essential. MOOV has rich experience in multi-modal cargo transportation in Europe and China. Whether it is container or pallet, MOOV will provide you with safe and punctual transportation.

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