How to improve the quality and efficiency of logistics services

To provide users with high-quality, high-efficiency and convenient services is the inescapable responsibility and mission of MOOV Freight Logistics. To improve the quality of logistics service, we must start with improving the quality of customer service; to improve the quality of customer service, we need to establish a “customer-centered” business philosophy and management method; to improve the quality of customer service, we also need to strengthen the “people-oriented” service concept; to strengthen the construction of corporate culture . To improve the quality and effect of logistics services, be problem-oriented, focus on optimizing traditional services, provide value-added services and improve problem feedback handling mechanisms.

Optimize customer service experience

Strengthen the research on the nature of logistics services, make logistics services truly an important way to create customer value and increase customer stickiness, and guide logistics practitioners to change their concepts, update their concepts, firm and practice “customer-centric”, and take logistics service quality and quality. Value is an important content, enhance the soft power and core competitiveness of enterprises, and focus on improving customer loyalty and dependence.

Explore more value-added services

Efforts shall be made to promote the construction of an emergency logistics service system, accelerate the establishment of an emergency logistics service system with sufficient reserves, rapid response and strong shock resistance, and coordinate logistics safety management and emergency protection. It is necessary to further improve the multi-party linkage mechanism, and establish an emergency plan system with the main content of dealing with extreme weather, natural disasters, peak season sales and major public emergencies.

Properly handle feedback issues

A sound customer feedback problem handling system is the last level of customer service. During the customer service process, there may be customer response information that has a direct impact on improving service and improving service levels. Dealing with the problems reflected by customers in a timely and correct manner is of great significance to improve the quality of logistics services, improve customer satisfaction and build a good corporate image.

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