Main types of rail freight transport

There are various classification methods for railway freight transportation. According to the weight, volume, shape and physical and chemical properties of a batch of consignments, it is divided into three types: railway vehicle freight transportation, railway LTL freight transportation and railway container transportation. MOOV will select the appropriate type of cargo transportation reasonably, and deliver the goods to the consignee with good quality within the delivery period.

container transportation

When goods are shipped in containers or empty containers are transported, it is called container transportation. Container transportation is an advanced modern transportation method with the advantages of high efficiency, safety and punctuality, and occupies an important position in international cargo transportation. It can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce transportation costs and reduce cargo differences. Therefore, it is valued by all countries. Container transportation is suitable for transporting delicate, valuable and fragile items. Anything suitable for container transportation should be transported in containers.

Vehicle Transportation

The so-called vehicle transportation means that a batch of goods must have at least one truck. Vehicle road transportation is currently the main mode of cargo transportation in my country. Compared with other forms, it has obvious advantages and can improve transportation capacity and economic benefits. Specifically, if one or more trucks need to be used to load a batch of goods, the weight, volume, or shape of the goods must be checked in the whole vehicle.

Less than carload transportation

All batches that do not have the conditions for complete vehicle transportation, that is, can be shipped out without a single truck in terms of weight, volume, shape, etc., should be shipped in LTL except that they can be transported in containers. The origin and destination of LTL must be located at the station and connected to the special railway freight line; it can only be shipped after going through the loading and unloading procedures at the railway transportation department. When loading and unloading LTL cargo, it must be carried out according to the prescribed procedures, and the quantity of each batch should not exceed 300.

The above is about the type of railway cargo transportation, MOOV will choose the best solution for you according to your cargo type.

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