Refrigerated cargo shipping solutions for air transportation

Refrigerated cargo shipping solutions for air transportation

For the international logistics transportation, great demands are being placed on the temperature requirements of perishable products and dangerous goods air transportation. This requires a reasonable layout of refrigerated air transport. The key points is that how to efficiently carry out air transportation of refrigerated products? In the following text  we will provide you with three solutions for reference!

  1. Hire the airline’s freezers directly.

Similar to shipping reefers, there are two types of reefers, one that is plugged in and refrigerated, and one that is refrigerated with dry ice. In this way, the temperature can be controlled precisely, but this kind of goods are usually large quantities, the smallest refrigerated box is usually packed with 700 or 800 kg. There is no LCL, therefore the cost of container rental and air freight will be so high that it is impossible to bear the freight for small quantities.

  1. For small goods with strict temperature requirements, it may be more appropriate to directly add dry ice to the foam box or the incubator.

The scheme estimates how much dry ice to add based on how long it takes to ship and how fast it wears out. When booking the cabin, you can consider the cold storage transportation, which will enter the cold storage after handing in the airport cabin, and it will be put forward again to pack the plane to hit the board, and it will also enter the cold storage to the destination port or the port of transfer. Air transport is carried at room temperature, which slows the loss of dry ice.

  1. For goods with less strict temperature requirements, ice packs can be added directly to the foam box or the incubator.

Then change the ice pack after arriving in the warehouse, that is, the melted ice pack is replaced with the good ice pack, which can ensure the refrigeration time of the goods is longer, and then arrange the cold storage transportation by air.

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