Freight – Rail Transport

Rail freight can be used as a reliable, fast and efficient alternative to existing modes of transport. But how can you provide customers with greater efficiency? How to ensure that the goods are safe and delivered on time? These are all problems that rail freight needs to solve. Don’t worry, MOOV will analyze customer needs and cargo characteristics, choose a railway solution that meets your needs, provide you with satisfactory services, and allow you to get the fastest transportation experience.
Existing Specialist Setup
MOOV has a professional logistics team and a perfect standard service system, which can provide you with a full window and one-stop service from order placement to delivery to receipt of goods, so that the whole process can be visualized in real time, so that you no longer have to worry about product safety. In order to further enhance the safety awareness of loader drivers, the company has carried out safety knowledge training for loader drivers, so that you can get a satisfactory experience from a professional point of view.
Trucking & Tracing
Commodity GPS positioning tracking management realizes the visual management of the whole process of material in and out, warehousing and transportation. Through the real-time monitoring function, users can master the geographic location information and product status information of the products, so as to better understand the geographic location of the products, ensure the state of the products, ensure the safe arrival of the goods to the designated location, and avoid midway loss or unknown whereabouts, etc. question. At the same time, train drivers are required to report cargo information every day to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo.
Multimodal Operations between Europe and China
MOOV has a large number of partners in many countries to provide users with one-stop logistics service solutions, provide various mature routes, adhere to the concept of sustainable development, provide green multinational packaging and transportation services, and use green logistics solutions to help you choose the best way of transportation, so it has won the respect and trust of partners.

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