Development trend of multimodal logistics business in cross-border e-commerce environment

With the continuous acceleration of trade globalization, international trade exchanges are becoming more and more frequent, and with the increase of cross-regional logistics business, multimodal transport usually uses containers as the basic transport unit, which is not a new type of transport. Instead, it connects the existing transportation methods such as sea, land and air, thereby generating a very large synergy to promote the development of logistics transportation. So what is the development trend of multimodal logistics business in the cross-border e-commerce environment? MOOV will take you to understand.

The legal system of multimodal transport is more perfect

Cross-border e-commerce, a major platform that concerns the interests of relevant persons in charge of various countries, needs to face many risks and challenges in its development. Due to the late start and lack of experience in this field in my country, there are many problems to be solved urgently in cross-border e-commerce logistics. therefore. The research and management of cross-border e-commerce must be strengthened. Actively address these challenges. The various problems brought by this will inevitably attract the attention of relevant government departments, and corresponding laws and regulations will be issued in time to ensure the development of multimodal transport logistics.

Multimodal logistics payment method change

Third-party platform guarantee This method inevitably occupies an important position in multimodal logistics, for traditional international trade. In particular, maritime transport has had a huge impact. With the acceleration of my country’s economic globalization and the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, the “maritime + insurance” model has become a new trend in current international multimodal transport. “Marine + Insurance”! It is a new payment method, which has a very profound significance for the development of the entire multimodal logistics business.

Simplified multimodal logistics customs clearance process

Customs of relevant countries usually sign corresponding agreements with cross-border e-commerce platforms to ensure the development of cross-border e-commerce logistics, and multimodal transport is an important organizational form of cross-border e-commerce logistics. be simplified.

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