Develop flexible solutions to different challenges

MOOV provides you with a variety of tailor-made services that can solve every problem you may encounter in the course of your business. MOOV can not only help you achieve your business goals, but also bring you more value-added experiences. We will continue to provide customers with the best solutions and the best quality products and technical services. Whether you wish to expand your business domestically or overseas, our professional services keep the global supply chain unimpeded.

Freight Forwarding Service

In a globalized world, a reliable intercontinental and intracontinental freight forwarder is key. MOOV is a global service provider specializing in logistics management solutions for multinational freight forwarding companies. Its business covers all areas of international cargo transportation. MOOV is particularly experienced in multimodal freight forwarding between Europe and China. Since 1918 we have delivered products to every corner of the earth. MOOV can provide a one-stop solution to manage your freight forwarders through a vast network of air, sea, rail or land transport.

Warehouse and Trade

MOOV has accumulated many years of experience in the Sino-European supply chain, focusing on research, planning and creating tailor-made solutions. We help our customers improve competitiveness and reduce costs by building a strong supply chain network. We will provide a full range of logistics services for all enterprises and institutions, including a series of value-added activities such as warehouse management, transportation and distribution. MOOV provides a comprehensive modern warehouse nearby to meet your requirements in China and abroad. We have achieved a seamless connection between your global expansion and your entry into the Chinese market.

4PL & Control Tower

MOOV provides logistics solutions such as 3PL, 4PL, etc., supporting a variety of businesses in order to successfully organize your supply chain. Here, we will introduce you to some of the latest value-added services. Our strength lies in providing customers with personalized logistics solutions. We can provide you with complete solutions, including supplier management, production process control, customer service and other aspects. Whether it’s a standard 3PL (we take care of shipping and warehousing and all extras) or an innovative 4PL (we take care of the supply chain from manufacturer to customer), everything can be adapted and expanded to suit your needs.

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