How to realize green logistics transportation

Low-carbon environmental protection has become a focus of global attention. The logistics industry must not only achieve economic development, but also adapt to the low-carbon requirements of economic development, undertake the responsibility of providing consumers with low-carbon life services, and undertake corporate social responsibility. So how to realize green logistics, MOOV will introduce from the following aspects.

Green Supplier Management

The quality of suppliers’ raw materials and semi-finished products directly determines the performance of the final product, so the implementation of green logistics must be controlled from the source. Due to the government’s strict regulation on the environmental behavior of enterprises, and the cost performance and operation status of suppliers have a direct impact on the economic activities of enterprises. Hence in green supply logistics. It is necessary to increase the environmental indicators for supplier selection and evaluation, that is, to examine the environmental performance of suppliers.

Green production management

Green production also includes the supply of green raw materials, green design and manufacturing, and green packaging. The production of green products first requires that the raw materials constituting the products have green characteristics. The green raw materials should meet the following requirements: environmental friendliness; without any coating, materials that can be decomposed naturally after being discarded and can be absorbed by nature: easy to process and no Minimal pollution or pollution; easily recyclable, easy to handle, reusable materials, and minimize the variety of materials, which is conducive to the recycling of raw materials.

Green Transportation Management

A large amount of energy consumption by means of transportation; a large amount of harmful gases are emitted during transportation, resulting in noise pollution; transportation of flammable, explosive, chemicals and other dangerous raw materials or products may cause explosions, leakages and other accidents. will have a great impact on the environment. Therefore, it is very important to build a green logistics system for enterprises.

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