Overseas Warehousing of Cross-border E-commerce Delivery Mode

Overseas warehousing is a storage mode in which the export sellers of cross-border e-commerce set up warehousing and logistics nodes close to the buyers in order to improve the delivery capacity of orders. Usually with overseas goods storage, circulation processing, local distribution, after-sales service and other functions. With the help of overseas warehouses, cross-border e-commerce sellers can deliver goods from the buyer’s home country, greatly shortening the delivery time of orders, improving user experience and increasing sales.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of overseas warehouse stocking


  1. Reduce logistics costs: Shipping from overseas warehouses is lower than shipping from China. 2. Speed ​​up the timeliness of logistics: Shipping from overseas warehouses can save the time used for customs clearance, greatly shorten the transportation time, and speed up the timeliness of logistics.
  2. Improve product exposure: We have our own warehouses overseas. When local customers choose to shop, they generally prefer local delivery, which can greatly shorten the delivery time.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction: In the middle of transportation, there may be damaged goods, short shipments, wrong shipments, etc., and customers will ask for returns, exchanges, reissues, etc., which can be adjusted in overseas warehouses, which greatly saves logistics. of timeliness.


  1. Warehouse rental: There is a daily storage fee for using overseas warehouses. The overseas warehouse charges and operating conditions of each country and company are different. Sellers need to choose a suitable overseas warehouse according to their own situation.
  2. Risk of slow sales: sellers need to store a certain amount of products in overseas warehouses to stock up in advance, so there will be a risk of slow sales. Not suitable for sellers selling customized products.
  3. High requirements for warehouse management: sellers should keep abreast of the detailed information of products in and out of the warehouse, and on and off the shelves, otherwise it is easy to lose the goods or store the information incorrectly.

All in all, the selected products are suitable for overseas warehouses, in order to give full play to his greatest advantages.

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