MOOV – Your Supply Chain Management Partner

The supply chain is critical to the success of a business, and MOOV is committed to providing customers with personalized products and services to meet their ever-changing needs, thereby helping them outperform the fierce competition. MOOV’s goal is to become one of the most valuable supply chain management companies in the world. Cooperate with large-scale supply chain and logistics suppliers to reduce risks in your supply chain with solutions that can reduce costs and increase efficiency. MOOV will apply our leading technology and the industry’s largest data aggregation and data insights to get the customized supply chain solutions you need.

Integrated Innovation Model of Whole Process Management

Organically combine all node enterprises in the circulation link to carry out an integrated innovation model of whole-process management. That is to solve various problems existing between enterprises by establishing a complete supply chain system. The supply chain forms each link into a network structure and constitutes an organism covering the entire logistics process, including the purchase and supply of raw materials, product production, transportation, storage and sales. Risks and benefits coexist and share, so as to achieve efficient overall management.

Realize rapid transfer of inventory

Traditional trading companies generally have high inventory, especially when the market price of inventory commodities fluctuates greatly and product demand is sluggish, inventory costs rise. In order to reduce inventory and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the supply chain model enables enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises to quickly transfer inventory in different market environments in the whole process management, thereby effectively reducing inventory costs.

Always be customer-oriented

Our joint venture combines Chinese and Dutch expertise to provide MOOV with complex, cross-cultural supply chain management knowledge and experience. We can help you solve a variety of problems and increase the competitiveness of your products, while reducing operating costs. We assist you in building an efficient and stable supply chain by providing professional consulting services. MOOV Logistics focuses on providing reliable, fast and customized supply chain management services to China. Provide comprehensive and long-term supply chain solutions according to customer requirements and wishes. Our comprehensive solutions can meet your various needs, whether it is a simple or complex chain, our goal is to work with you to develop the most complete supply chain solution.

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