MOOV provides you with high-quality aviation services

MOOV has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with WCA members and Chinese airlines, and will provide economical, efficient, safe and stable air cargo business, and at the same time use the self-developed transportation control tower to conduct transparent and visual monitoring of the flow of goods throughout the process , providing high-quality, instant shipping services.

Customized Solutions

MOOV provides customized air freight logistics services to continuously optimize the customer experience. By cooperating with MOOV, you can combine its production plan with product demand and make flexible adjustments to ensure timely supply; reduce transportation costs by implementing real-time monitoring of transportation plans; improve transportation efficiency by developing personalized transportation routes . Help you increase customer loyalty with fast and reliable delivery cycles and ensure legal and compliant logistics between different regions, while offering competitive prices.

air route

MOOV provides flexible air freight services, allowing you to choose the best quality flights. Provide the most professional air freight forwarder. Provide a full range of value-added services. Establish strategic partnership with internationally renowned freight forwarding companies to jointly develop overseas markets. MOOV supplies fixed positions from Europe to Shanghai and is responsible for direct/transit transportation. Tailor-made logistics solutions for you to ensure global coverage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a large number of cabins. Manage specific air routes, well organized, and strictly supervise ground operations to ensure the safe arrival of goods.

cooperative partner

MOOV has formed a long-term partnership with WCA members and a long-term partnership with the three major airlines in China. Choose MOOV and we will provide the best logistics service. In China, we will continue to focus on developing the world’s largest logistics network; at the same time, we will also cooperate with major global express companies to help customers reduce transportation costs. Ensure that transportation issues are prioritized in the aviation industry; this includes monitoring shipments to ensure more precise arrivals.

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