Main features of road transport

MOOV‘s domestic and international truck distribution business allows your goods to achieve a one-stop logistics experience from warehouse to customer. MOOV trucking has the following features to get your cargo to your hands quickly.

Strong adaptability

Since the road transportation network is usually ten times the density of railway and waterway networks and has a wide distribution, road transportation vehicles can be “pervasive”. It can not only cross various terrain obstacles, but also has strong flexibility; it can reach the destination quickly and at a high speed; road transportation is flexible, convenient for transporting personnel, and low cost. In addition, road transportation is not restricted by geographical conditions. Road transportation also has the characteristics of strong time mobility, vehicles can be dispatched and loaded at any time, and the connection time of each link is short. In particular, road transportation has strong adaptability in terms of freight quantity, and the vehicle load tonnage varies from small to large. It can be transported by a single vehicle alone, or several vehicles can be transported in a fleet at the same time.

Faster shipping

In terms of mid-way transportation and short-distance transportation, because road transportation can achieve “door-to-door” direct transportation, the goods can be directly transported to the destination without reverse transportation and transfer halfway. Therefore, it is more efficient than other modes of transportation. Less time and faster shipping.

Direct transportation

Due to the small size of the vehicle, there is generally no need to change clothes on the way. In addition to driving along the extensive road network, it can also break away from the road network and go deep into factories and enterprises, rural fields and urban dwellings, and passengers and goods can be transported from the origin. The gate is sent directly to the destination gate, achieving “door-to-door” direct transportation. This mode of transportation has the advantages of saving freight, shortening the journey, reducing time consumption and improving service quality, so it is welcomed by the majority of consumers, which is one of the characteristics that other modes of transportation cannot compare with road transportation.

If you choose MOOV‘s freight forwarder, we will create a tailor-made solution for you, providing you with home delivery services.