MOOV China’s 10 Year Growth: A Short Film
Telling our journey from the perspectives of different MOOVers

As we celebrate MOOV’s 10th anniversary in China, we took a moment to embark on a unique journey down memory lane. Over the past ten years, we have evolved from a small team of a few individuals to a team of more than 100 employees now. Our warehouses in China have grown from one to eight, and our business scope and service areas have expanded year by year.

So, what has made us the MOOV you know her as today? To answer this question, we have created a short film documenting our growth story with unforgettable, heartwarming memories we have made along our journey. Through this short film, you will discover that MOOV is more than just a company; it is a family based on mutual caring, collaboration, and, most importantly, utmost dedication and commitment to serving our customers well.

Proud to present you our short film. Let’s watch it together!

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