Exploring Efficient and Sustainable Global Export Supply Chain Solutions

Faced with various challenges and diverse demands in supply chain and logistics management, how can you ensure that the flow of goods from China to the rest of the world is both efficient and sustainable? Today, we have invited Alex, who comes with twenty years of supply chain experience, to offer you an in-depth exploration of fine-tuning each aspect of logistics, warehousing, and transportation for global exports from China.

Video Highlights:

  1. Integrated Warehousing: A one-stop solution that emphasizes high container utilization and product quality.
  2. Digital Management: The WMS/CTS system enables  visual inventory management and digital decision-making, simplifying administration.
  3. E-commerce Logistics: A full suite of standard operating procedures for e-commerce, from storage to delivery.
  4. Case Studies: Successful experiences with a major European supermarket chain and auto parts e-commerce clients.

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