How to choose a reliable warehouse and logistic partner  in 2022?

Along with the economic globalization and the trade integration process develops continuously, the choice of warehouse and logistics is also crucial for businesses to earn a place in the fiercely competitive market. Then choosing a reliable and efficient logistics partner will definitely help you have an edge over others.

There may be plenty of alternatives throughout the market. But how to choose a reliable one seems vital for expanding your business. Then follow me to master these factors concerned while choose logistic partner, hoping can helps you a lot!

Inventory management and distribution

High quality inventory management process can make the distribution process more efficient and reduce the error of human distribution. Inventory control variables need consider how long will it take from the supplier to arrive  your warehouse, including delay times, traffic jam, heavy weather, special emergency response plan, likewise COVID-19.

The warehouse locations

While choosing warehouse, one of the most importance things is the location of warehouse. If they have warehouse that nearby your customer market, and whether there is a global logistics warehousing center, both the two factors should be taken into consideration! On the one hand, the customer group market warehouse will ensure faster delivery of the goods to your buyers. One the other hand, global logistic chain system will provide better service when your business operations scale up.

Service guarantee

Aside the common services, If they can provide added service is also worth considering. According to product types, how to deal with different product package, storage, transportation, quality control, bonded&non-bonded service, distribution, and E-commerce solution etc.


There is no doubt that price may be a major influence factor while choosing a logistic partner. At the same time, lower price doesn’t mean cost-saving. If they can provide good service may be a puzzling thing. Beside prices, professional industry experience, customer cases, safety and technology are equally important.

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