MOOV is There for You, No Matter the Challenges Ahead

As globalization continues to thrive, supply chain have grown larger, more complex and more crucial than ever before. Every supply chain has its own unique challenges. Ever since the beginning, we have been providing unique supply chain solution for specific requests from our clients, we strive to examine, plan and create a Tailor Made Solution based on many years of experience in China-EU supply chain.

Freight Forwarding service

Shipping services provide charter services to achieve point-to-point transportation; Rail services are characterized by low-carbon and MOOV owns the right to operate the entire train; New energy trucks are also environmentally friendly; Air freight service guaranteed Speed. MOOV service ensures timely and reliable intermodal logistics by providing fully tailored solutions. In your supply chain, not every product has to arrive at the same time. Take advantage of transit time differences between different modes with our MOOV service and prevent additional costs.

Warehouse & Trading service

At MOOV, we understand that every supply chain has unique requirements. Whatever your needs, our warehouses and services have it covered. With our extensive network and capabilities, there is always a solution available with less cost involved, shorter transit time and reliable delivery.

Supply chain complexity when your product quality is critical to the process. Our samples are selected by experts and impartial selectors, through routine inspections and closed processes to ensure the integrity of this critical process. Samples are subsequently checked by relevant experts in a separate safe and controlled environment to guarantee process reliability. Our MOOV quality control service guarantees that only the best quality goods make their way to their final destination.

The MOOV Control Tower

The MOOV Control tower simplify collaboration and communication, with all accurate information in one location. All parties receive an overview and notification in the event of anomalies or possible problems. It improves planning and structuring data, which can improve the performance of your supply chain or business.

MOOV is not afraid of any challenges and promises to guarantee high quality service and results.

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