Basic principles of warehouse layout planning

For the development of warehouse work, warehouse planning and layout are the most basic and difficult points. Modern warehouses undertake more and more functions, so building a fully functional and well-equipped warehouse according to the principles of warehouse planning and layout is the basis for warehouse operations. MOOV introduces you how to layout and plan the warehouse to provide a good storage environment for your goods. MOOV shows you how the warehouse is planned and provides a good storage environment for your products.

Facilitate job optimization

Warehouse operation optimization is to increase the continuity of operations, achieve one operation, reduce the number of loading and unloading, shorten the handling distance, the shortest handling distance, and the minimum handling links, so that the warehouse can minimize the amount of unloading and handling when performing a certain task. Its purpose is to make full use of limited storage space. Save manpower, material resources, financial resources and time to the greatest extent; prevent unnecessary losses caused by backlog or shortage of goods. Attention should also be paid to the business contacts and information transfer between various workplaces and departments. Ensure warehouse security.

Avoid confusing goods

Items with inconsistent storage conditions shall not be mixed. Changes in temperature, humidity and gas composition in the storage environment have a significant impact on the shelf life. Therefore, items with the same storage conditions should be stored separately. If the same kind of goods are placed in the same warehouse, it is easy to cause mutual pollution. even spoiled. If the storage conditions such as temperature and humidity are different, it is not suitable to use them together. This is because it is very expensive and unrealistic to have two or more storage conditions in the same storage space.

single logistics flow

Keep straight line operation, avoid circuitous and reverse operation, emphasize the only logistics outlet and the only logistics inlet, which is convenient for monitoring and management, which can not only ensure safety and order, but also improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

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