Advantages of bonded warehouse

Bonded warehouse refers to a warehouse approved by the Customs for the storage of imported goods and not subject to customs laws and import control regulations. Imported goods stored in bonded warehouses can be modified, graded, sampled, mixed and reprocessed in the warehouse upon approval. These goods are exempt from customs duties if they are re-exported, and are subject to customs duties if they enter the domestic market. So what are the advantages of a bonded warehouse? MOOV will introduce you.

Cost reduction

Bonded warehouse goods are shipped in large quantities from overseas containers, and the freight is cost-effective. As costs drop, the selling price can be lowered accordingly, we can also buy more cost-effective goods, and buyers can also benefit from it.

Fast delivery

By preparing the goods in the domestic bonded warehouse in advance, it can also help users save the period of waiting for the goods to travel from overseas to China, and enjoy the same logistics experience in overseas shopping as shopping on domestic online platforms.

Genuine is guaranteed

All goods entering the bonded warehouse must be inspected and filed by the customs and commodity inspection departments. Imported goods need to go through customs formalities before they can be shipped. It includes the code of the goods, the name of the commodity, the name of the commodity and other information; at the same time, it needs to pass the inspection before it can be released; in addition, it must meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. After entering the customs, the origin of the goods should be verified, and the source of the goods should be traced to ensure the official genuine products. After the warehousing process is over, the Quarantine Bureau will carry out the authenticity and quality inspection of the goods again according to the contents of the record, and the customs of the origin should also inspect the goods before exporting. be guaranteed.

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