What Does the Post-COVID EU-China Trade and Logistics Landscape Look Like?
This article highlights the trends in European and Chinese trade and the rise in demand for innovative solutions and digitalization in logistics.

The graph below shows us that from the beginning of 2020 we can see a sudden increase in trade from China to the EU. With the following year, 2021, seeing an even bigger increase. This largely had to do with the increasing demand of consumer products during the lockdown period in Europe. Interestingly, exports from Europe to China remained quite stable during the same period causing an imbalance in trade.

In the second half of 2022 and throughout 2023, there has been a decline in trade volumes. This decline can be partially attributed to high inflation in European economies and resulting shifts in consumer buying patterns. MOOV, with her experience with the European – Chinese freight flows, have seen some trends:

Innovative and solution-driven logistics

In response to the market’s volatility in recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on innovative and solution-driven logistics. Notably, some major retailers have established their own shipping companies to regain control over their supply chains. One of these players is Tailwind Shipping Lines in affiliation with Moov Logistics. Tailwind Shipping Lines specializes in providing reliable and stable shipping services between China-EU and Indian Subcontinent-EU, offering faster routes by strategic port selection and route optimization. With their services, goods can reach Europe from Asia in as short as 19 days. Additionally, MOOV offers compatible last and first mile intermodal solutions for a full A to Z experience.

Inevitable digitalization trend

Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, the digitalization trend within the shipping industry continues to gather momentum. Retailers, shippers and even final-consumers expected visibility and transparency. Large shipping and logistics companies such as Maersk, have heavily invested in automation and intelligent technologies. Over the past decade MOOV, has developed innovative IT tools and a digital platform to optimize supply chains. These developments resulted in streamlined processes, reduced costs, and improved overall service quality, particularly during the challenging times brought about by the pandemic.

In the post-COVID era, the EU-China trade and logistics landscape continues to evolve, presenting both challenges and opportunities. MOOV is prepared to be your trusted partner, guiding you through the dynamic market landscape and collaboratively creating tailored solutions to drive your business’s long-term success.

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