The importance of Logistics 2.0

Present day supply chain include multiple parties, uncoordinated information, unstructured information and much redundant management. This ‘black box’ causes unexpected and unforeseen costs which hinders the growth and development of many businesses. Alongside, there is little clarity or accountability as little documentation is left to analyse and solve the problem. For this problem, MOOV has developed a solution, Logistics 2.0.

We aim to pull logistics into the modern era by providing insight and clarity. To realize this goal, we have developed several digital solution, one of which is our Control Tower initiative. This digital tool unifies the information and process flows into one comprehensive location accessible for all involved parties. It streamlines cooperation and communication, in which one location has all the accurate information. All parties receive overview and notifications, in case of unusual circumstances or possible problems. It improves planning and structures data, upon which the performance of your supply chain/business can be improved.

The supply chain orchestrator

Our MOOV Control Tower provides insight in the ‘black box’, by ensuring central coordination and transparency. It realizes a management-by-exception style, in which management is only necessary when an exception arises. For all of our services, this application is usable. It means that u, the client, has real-time overview in our process. By unifying information, it also realizes the ‘one version of the truth’ principal.

Success through cooperation

At MOOV, we aim to work with our clients to develop our solutions, based on their requirements. Every logistic request is unique. Our Control Tower is fully adjustable to your preferences to ensure seamless implementation into the logistics of your company. Our desire to cooperate guarantees our high quality results and service. As usual, easy for us, beneficial for you.

IT for your business

Our digital solution are based on the principles of modularity, flexibility and innovation. We believe that it is the goal of IT to realize the aims of your company, and not the other way around. We build and maintain our most vital application in-doors, such as the Control Tower. This allows us to not only adjust it to your preferences bus also to protect and secure the data of your company.