MOOV’s high-quality warehousing services help your global expansion

Safe and efficient warehouse

MOOV’s strategic warehouse is located in Yangshan, Shanghai, in addition to seven warehouses located in various ports in China to meet your needs in and outside China, MOOV’s eight warehouses are fully equipped and handle 10,000+ POs per day.

We provide pick and pack solutions for e-commerce that can help you repack/palletize your products. In addition, MOOV also provides you with one-stop services for customs, CIQ, taxation, banking, foreign trade, and transportation.

Advanced, safe and efficient bonded/non-bonded warehouse to escort your products.

Quality Inspection Centers

We promise efficient and comprehensive quality checks in all MOOV warehouses, MOOV will control the quality of the warehouse before delivery, the transparency is very high, and you can fully control it. In order to ensure fairness, our quality inspection is carried out by a third-party quality inspection agency, and the quality inspection report will be provided to you. MOOV also provides repair, repacking, reassembly and rework services for you if something goes wrong with your product. We provide you with further processing and order management services, help you inspect your goods, and non-conforming products will be returned to stock. We promise 24/7 on-site security.

Temperature Control | Dangerous Goods Logistics

MOOV has advanced facilities and leading refrigeration technology, using automated operation processes and customized IT systems; it can ensure reliable and safe control of warehouses. All MOOV warehouses use single-deep, narrow aisle design racks, steel curbs and rails to guide equipment safely and efficiently, ensuring better storage and safety of palletized products. Our warehouse is the designated location for entry-exit inspection and quarantine, choose MOOV to make your products pass through customs more smoothly.

MOOV has many years of experience in the China-Europe supply chain and is committed to researching, planning and creating tailor-made solutions. MOOV sets up modern warehouses in various ports to meet your needs inside and outside China. Choose MOOV to make your global expansion and entry into the Chinese market seamless.

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