MOOV China Dragon Year Annual Party Highlights

Welcoming the year of the dragon in China, our annual meeting commenced with a vibrant dragon dance, symbolizing our best wishes for 2024. In addition, we honored colleagues and teams who exhibited outstanding performance in 2023, as well as those MOOVers who have dedicated themselves to MOOV for the long haul, expressing our highest respect and gratitude to them.

The excitement didn’t stop there; our colleagues also brought meticulously prepared song and dance performances along with blessings in various local dialects, adding a rich cultural flavor to the evening. Moreover, a unique fashion show showcased work uniforms from different periods in our company’s history, both reviewing MOOV’s development journey and displaying our diverse culture and team spirit.

” 聚力同心 & Growth” is not just the theme of our annual party; it truly reflects the spirit of the MOOV team. Whether facing challenges or sharing moments of achievement, we always stand shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart. We are deeply grateful to every MOOVer and look forward to continuing our journey together, growing as one. Let’s MOOV together! Let us join hands and step into an even more brilliant future.

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