A 100 years of MOOV
KLG’s Birthday

On the 2nd June, 2018, we celebrated KLG Europe 100 years’ anniversary together with MOOV China 5 years’ anniversary on a cruise on the Bund. There was 180 participants including CEO of KLG Europe Kees Kuijken, CFO Ad Kuijken, their wives and general manager of Intermax Michael Miao.

Our origin

We started off as a small logistic company 100 years ago which was set up by the great grandfather of Kees and Ad Kuijken. Now MOOV has grown into a world wide logistics company with more than 1000 employees in over 16 locations worldwide. The general manager of MOOV Tom Hoorn said that “ We have come this far with a drive and passion for logistics, some real entrepreneurship, continues innovation and maybe most important, trust. Trust between individuals in our company, within and between teams, trust we receive from management and trust we extend and receive to and from our suppliers and customers.””And most importantly, we want to thank all our staff who get up each day and work with full dedication on providing tailor made logistics solutions to our customers.”

A night to remember

The beautiful night view on the Bund, cocktails and great performance by the band all made the night a memorable one. MOOV staff and guests were busy taking photos while enjoying the little breeze. The anniversary came to an end by the time cruise arrived Shiliupu Marina.

Let’s toast virtually to the past, present and future of KLG. Together, we learn, innovate, grow together, and look forward to the journey ahead. “一帆风顺”

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