In a globalized world,Moov can delivered products to every corner of the planet.

In a globalized world, reliable inter- and intra-continental Freight Forwarding is crucial. MOOV has deep experience in multi-modal freight forwarding between Europe and China in particular. Whether it is a complete container, or only a few pallets, MOOV assures your shipment arrives safe and on time.

For your import/export needs, we assist in all necessary steps, from HS code verification to successful passing customs procedures. For every problem, we have the solution.

Our sevices

Our freight forwarders are divided into four ways, namely sea, air, train, truck, etc. We cooperate with reliable partners around the world to facilitate comprehensive Ocean service, Contrary to air and ocean freight, the rail option offers a unique middle ground which is both fast and affordable. MOOV facilitates Domestic & International truck delivery, which is reliable distribution from our Warehouses to your customers. Our truck freight is strong presence in Europe and China and also includes new energy vehicles.


The business started years ago to meet the supply chain requirements of one of Europe’s largest retailers. They want to create a transparent, reliable and trustworthy supply chain system to transport manufactured goods from all over Asia to Europe. From the beginning, MOOV has developed and innovated their supply chain to solve any problems they encountered.


MOOV control towers simplify information and communication in the supply chain. Through this online service, numerous suppliers can be consolidated into one platform, simplifying information and communication between interested parties. These digital solutions not only improve supply chain resilience, but also remove cultural and language barriers, enabling transparent systems.

We believe in cooperation. Together we can build a reliable and robust supply chain to transport goods from China to Europe without delay. Help our clients improve business performance.

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