The benefits of Free-trade

To facilitate global trade, the Chinese government established a Shanghai free trade zone in 2013. The established framework resulted in a different custom supervision, more lenient tax policies and a simplification of administrative procedures between China and it oversees partners.

Another tool in our toolbox

MOOV seized this opportunity to extend our service even more. We utilize the free-trade zone to provide our clients additional benefits, such as bonded warehousing, import/export benefits and reduced overall expenses. Since our founding in 2013, we have gained experience in how to maximize the free-trade zone benefits. Whether it is inbound or outbound, MOOV has the experience to assist and solve your logistics issues.

With unrestricted access to the free-trade zone, the MOOV toolbox has even more to offer. European companies, who want to expand in China for instance, are no longer burdened by the difficulties of entering China. Via our e-commerce services in combination with the bonded warehouse option, we collect, store and distribute your product, first within the free-trade zone and afterwards into China. For both you and us, the presence of the free-trade zone is a huge opportunity, contact us to see what those opportunities can mean you.

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