The advantages of ocean freight shipping containers

Ports, ships and containers are indispensable components of import and export maritime transportation. As long as people mention shipping, the first reaction is the spacious container. In fact, the container is not only used in the sea, its application range is very wide, can be realized in the sea, land, air transport in the general exchange. What are the advantages of what containers are usually used for?

  1. What are the benefits of the container?
  • Shipping containers can be used repeatedly for a long time.
  • No need to move or load and unload in the middle of the way to effectively avoid the loss of goods.
  • It can be loaded and unloaded quickly.
  • It is very convenient to fill and unload the goods.
  • Large space, carrying more goods.
  • The choice of specifications and standards, in the port and ship can be stacked, save a lot of space.
  1. Container transportation is an efficient mode of transportation.

The high efficiency is mainly embodied in two aspects:

High efficiency in time: because the container is highly standardized in structure, the loading and unloading machines, transportation vehicles, ships, trucks, trains and so on are also highly standardized. Therefore, it is very quick to change and tighten between various transportation tools, which greatly saves the transportation time.

Economically high efficiency: container transportation can save handling costs, packaging costs, tally costs, insurance costs in many aspects, and greatly reduce the damage loss of goods. All these determine that container is an efficient mode of transportation.

  1. Container is a mode of transportation that eliminates the differences in the appearance of the goods transported.

Container transportation is a new, high-efficiency and high-benefit mode of transportation, which assembles the goods in large containers and facilitates the loading, unloading and handling of large transportation machines, so as better to realize the “door-to-door” transportation of goods.

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