Advantages of the International Multi-modal Association

International multi-modal transport is a kind of container transportation developed based on the new mode of transportation, usually in a container of the transport unit, the sea transport, rail transport, road transport, air transport, and so on the traditional single mode of transportation, to effectively comprehensive utilization into an organic whole, constitute a coherent to complete the process of international transportation. What are the advantages of international logistics multi-modal transport?

  1. Uniform responsibilities and easy procedures.

Under the multimodal mode of transport, all transport matters are uniformly handled by the multimodal transport operator. Compared with the single mode of transport, the piecewise consignment and multiple consignments are in charge, not only the procedure is simple, but also the responsibility is clearer.

  1. Reduce the intermediate link, shorten the freight time and improve the quality of freight.

Multi-modal transport is usually a direct and coherent transport with containers as the medium. The goods are transported directly from the shipper’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse for delivery after packing, sealing, and sealing, reducing many intermediate links and better ensuring the safety and quality of goods. In addition, coherent transportation, close cooperation, compact connection, and rapid and timely transit, reduce the length of stay in transit, so it can better ensure that the goods arrive at the destination safely and on time.

  1. Reduce transportation costs, save freight& miscellaneous expenses and facilitate trade.

Multimodal transportation is an effective way to realize door-to-door transportation. It is conducive to accelerating the capital turnover of goods and reducing interest expenditure. The use of container transportation can also save the cost of packing goods and insurance costs.

In addition, the whole process of multi-modal transport uses a combined transport document and a single freight, which greatly simplifies the process of document making and settlement, saves a lot of manpower and material resources, facilitates the shipper to calculate the transport costs in advance, and chooses a reasonable transport route, which provides favorable conditions for the development of trade.


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