State-of-the-art warehouse management system controls

With the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, the explosion of express delivery has become a major problem that plagues warehousing and logistics. A large number of fragmented orders cannot be met by traditional warehouse management and operation methods. Therefore, MOOV provides the most advanced warehouse management system control to monitor your goods in real time.

Cargo information visualization and deployment

The realization of MOOV warehousing management system plays a role in monitoring the warehousing scene. It collects data on the shelves and moving goods, and can quickly obtain the running status of the equipment, the data changes of the shelves and the real-time feedback of the panel data through the visualization system. Fully grasp the activity status of warehousing and transshipment centers, and achieve multi-dimensional unification of supervision, maintenance and deployment.

Warehousing data statistics

Taking informatization as the main line, digitally displays the status after operation, extracts the data of each module, and analyzes it, so that managers can evaluate the current warehousing operation ability, so as to seek solutions for a series of potential practical problems. So as to optimize the inventory structure, reduce storage costs; reduce material backlog and waste; shorten the turnaround time of goods; strengthen production process control, improve product competitiveness; MOOV warehouse management system improves warehouse on-site management, makes warehouse data real-time and transparent, and improves management efficiency and warehousing efficiency.

Fast and intelligent retrieval of information

The warehouse management system builds an intelligent multi-dimensional search platform to retrieve the corresponding cargo flow by collecting and analyzing data. Through intelligent data analysis algorithm, it can help managers to better manage the changes of relevant parameters in the process of goods circulation; improve the efficiency of inventory management; realize real-time monitoring and intelligent management; and bring higher profits to enterprises. At the same time, it is also convenient for users to use. Efficient retrieval function helps users to grasp the status of orders and the status of in-out and out-of-stock.

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