The advantages of choosing MOOV warehousing

Cross-border e-commerce warehousing and logistics mainly consider issues such as safety and stability. Choosing a professional third-party warehousing company can save you a lot of “trouble”. The emergence of these third-party warehousing companies has also provided us with some good references. For example, MOOV provides warehousing logistics services.

Reduce storage fees

MOOV provides customers with logistics and warehousing services. Sellers can directly store the goods in the warehouse of the logistics company, and the goods are directly transported from the manufacturer to the logistics company. Therefore, the seller does not need to set up a special storage space, which can effectively reduce the warehouse capital and labor. cost, facilities, etc.

Professional operation service

As a logistics and warehousing company, MOOV is professional in the field of logistics and warehousing services, and has rich logistics experience. It can provide sellers with standardized operation procedures, efficient logistics services, and professional operation services. MOOV can provide users with a logistics management solution for the whole process from customer orders to receipt; at the same time, it can also transmit the information involved in the transportation of goods to buyers and sellers, and complete the logistics business by scanning express packages. It can not only effectively optimize the logistics and mailing links, but also enjoy commodity packaging, labeling, boxing and sorting operations.

Improve delivery efficiency

The third-party warehousing and delivery method is different from the traditional mailing method. It requires the seller to deliver the goods to the door in person, which takes a long time and the delivery efficiency is relatively slow. MOOV third-party warehouse is a new logistics service model, which can not only improve the delivery speed but also reduce the logistics cost, making the logistics faster and more efficient. If the MOOV third-party warehousing and consignment delivery method is used, the seller only needs to pre-deliver the goods in the warehouse of the logistics company. After the order appears on the seller’s platform, the system is connected, and the operator directly completes the logistics processing, reducing the seller’s participation in packaging and delivery. The process of delivering goods to logistics companies can greatly improve logistics efficiency and effectiveness.

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