MOOV provides customized supply chain management services

MOOV customizes comprehensive supply chain services for customers according to customer needs, and can modify the service scale at any time to meet your exclusive project needs. Our supply chain solutions optimize your operational processes, reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and streamline redundant operations in order to make your customers’ supply chains more efficient and intelligent.

MOOV provides you with professional transportation solutions

As we all know, companies with supply chains in the cross-border e-commerce market have greater competitive advantages. Perfect supply chain services can solve the worries for cross-border export e-commerce sellers. MOOV will design a suitable logistics plan for him according to the customer’s product and cargo information, such as large cargo, small cargo, category, and corresponding plan guidance from loading and delivery packaging.

MOOV offers you solutions to save on shipping costs

When our customers conduct cross-border trade business, they are often troubled by the transportation cost exceeding the budget, especially for some small enterprises, the transportation cost of some categories of goods exceeds the value of the goods, which is unacceptable to some bosses who want to carry out international business. of. Maybe they have tried to find a freight forwarder, but the problem of transportation cost is still difficult to solve. MOOV can help you solve this problem. MOOV has many freight forwarding partners, and can get the lowest price of transported goods. By cooperating with MOOV, we can seek more cost The lower shipping scheme is clearly the better route.

MOOV ensures on-time arrival of goods

For some companies with relatively busy business, they have extremely strict requirements on the timeliness of transportation of goods. In actual cross-border transactions, adopting an appropriate transportation plan is the best way to ensure timeliness. However, most companies do not have a suitable freight forwarding company, so cooperating with MOOV is equivalent to cooperating with many leading freight forwarding companies in the industry. MOOV will customize the transportation plan for you, and carry out the transportation timeliness and transportation risks of many freight forwarding companies. Comprehensive evaluation, and finally provide you with the most advantageous transportation plan, so as to ensure your transportation timeliness.