MOOV Improves Reliable Sea Freight Services

MOOV has reliable ocean freight services to ensure that your cargo arrives safely and in time to every corner of the world’s continents. We work with reliable partners around the world to facilitate comprehensive ocean freight services, including FCL, LCL and special item shipping solutions to meet your different needs and guarantee delivery of your cargo wherever you go.

Shipment Bookings

MOOV provides customers with flexible and sufficient booking capabilities, rapid response and emergency plans. MOOV can provide customers with a variety of FCL (full container freight), LCL (less than container freight) and special project transportation solutions, and with very competitive Powerful low logistics costs, through online booking of LCL, and cooperation with suppliers with global reputation, so that your goods can quickly and safely arrive at the destination.

Container Trucking

MOOV offers a large range of modern containers, different types depending on the type of your cargo. MOOV’s rich experience in container and engineering cargo transportation makes us a very trusted partner for our customers. Our team can advise on suitable sea containers so you can ship your cargo safely and efficiently. Whether you are shipping full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL) or non-contained cargo, we can provide you with the sea containers you need, our professional team has a deep understanding of the product and can assist customers to provide customers with effective Suggest.

Customs Brokerage

MOOV has several major ports and we have skilled staff who are familiar with local and international import regulations. Our staff will explain to you in detail the local needs of each country or region and help you complete customs declaration, and we also provide experienced customs declaration consultation, which can better complete various customs clearance and trade processes, including receiving sales orders, Collection and shipment, invoicing and customs declaration, etc., help you to ship quickly, accurately and safely.

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