MOOV adopts a cargo tracking system to escort your cargo

MOOV has an advanced cargo tracking management system that connects cargo owners with carriers. The cargo owner can inquire about the cargo information and related materials through the system, so as to check the location of the cargo. In the process of the continuous development of the times, the cargo tracking system has become the main force in the market with its own unique characteristics.

Realize efficient and transparent transportation control

MOOV cargo tracking system provides standardized API interface, including order placement, order cancellation, commodity information and order logistics status tracking, users can see the origin and destination of the goods through MOOV’s cargo tracking system, and realize from delivery to receipt It also manages the whole process of placing orders, and carries out efficient and transparent transportation management and control of goods, so as to solve the concerns of cargo owners in logistics management.

Improve deliverability and satisfaction

Customers can log in through various channels such as browsers and WeChat to check where the goods are, and open up various systems through API to track the goods in real time. At the same time, in the process of distribution, the goods from transportation to receipt adopt GPS positioning and tracking technology, and the whole process can be traced, so as to effectively avoid losses caused by loss. MOOV cargo tracking system not only enables customers to know the status of goods in transit in real time, but also enables customers to independently inquire about the location of goods online, thereby improving the on-time delivery rate and customer satisfaction.

Easy to use

The cargo tracking system is also very convenient, which can carry out the whole process of visual transportation tracking management. Through the real-time monitoring and positioning of the vehicle by the system, the accurate geographic location and related data of the order at the designated location can be queried, so as to provide customers with more intuitive and effective services and guidance. The convenient operation not only allows customers to see the whereabouts of goods at any time, but also allows merchants to feel that the goods tracking system brings you satisfactory services at a lower cost.

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