MOOV – Optimise your logistics with intermodal services

MOOV provides you with various logistics channels to get your goods from A to B. For a good balance of speed and cost, we have introduced multimodal transport. We can choose one or several ways to meet customer needs and reduce risk, while reducing expenses. Therefore, we need to integrate and transform the existing supply chain. rather than just changing a process. We try to optimize your supply chain by taking advantage of the various models and their differences, thereby reducing your cost, convenience and reliability.

reliable service

MOOV provides services to fulfill your wishes. MOOV service provides customers with reliable logistics multimodal transportation in the form of tailor-made solutions, so that both your enterprise and supply chain can be optimized under our solutions. You can seamlessly connect with any other shipping method at any time, anywhere, and ensure your goods reach their destination safely. Our customers can use MOOV to help them increase productivity, reduce costs and shorten lead times. With digital options to meet your needs, our services ensure your success.

financial advantage

The use of MOOV multimodal transport solutions optimizes different transit times in the supply chain and saves costs. Not every product in the supply chain arrives at the same time, so different goods and service needs and possible shipping costs must be considered when choosing a shipping option. MOOV adopts a multimodal transportation method, which saves unnecessary costs. Calculate the best route for customers to achieve the purpose of reducing transportation costs, which helps to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

digital solutions

To guarantee the effectiveness of our intermodal solutions, we design a variety of digital solutions, providing our customers with innovative solutions to facilitate their digital transformation, giving ourselves and you full visibility and control of your supply chain.

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